Green Deal

A Government Scheme

The Green Deal is an exciting and new Government initiative that allows consumers to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, community spaces, and businesses.

The scheme works by applying costs associated with agreed efficiency measures to the property as opposed to any individual person. These costs are recouped through instalments that are collected in the energy bill for the property. This means that a bill payer will only be responsible for payments whilst living at the property.

In order to ensure that measures provide value for money, "a golden rule" is applied. This is that the anticipated savings made by implementing the energy efficient measures shall be greater than the costs attached to the energy bill.

There’s a huge range of products that Green Deal funding is there for, including New Boilers, Solar Panels, Solar Thermal, Double Glazing, Solid Wall Insulation, External Wall Insulation, Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation and much more. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has produced a list of around 45 measures that are eligible for the Green Deal Scheme which can be viewed on their website.

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