Code of Practice

The Green Deal Code of Practice

Installers have to be approved and accredited in order to be employed on a Green Deal scheme.

The Green Deal Code of Practice underpins the Green Deal scheme and it sets out the criteria that Providers, Assessors and Installers must follow in order to operate under the Green Deal banner.

Each Provider is required to pass a “fitness test” before they can be registered as being a participant in the Green Deal. Once registered, the Code is designed to ensure that all Green Deal Participants operate fairly, transparently and effectively so that consumers signing up to the Green Deal can be confident that they are taking part in a properly regulated scheme that will provide them with real benefits.

The key benefits of the Code are clear and for consumers these include:

Confidence that the people they are dealing with have appropriate training, qualifications and customer service procedures in place; and
A clear process for dealing with complaints which includes a designated independent Green Deal Ombudsman.

The Energy Saving Advice Service

The Energy Savings Trust operate a telephone advice service offering independent and impartial energy-saving advice to homes and businesses in England and Wales.

The telephone number for the service is 0300 123 1234 and the advice provided is free, but calls are charged at the standard national rates.

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